Design Brief Follow along for an in depth portrait of a recent project that stirs together a contemporary lifestyle with traditional elements. The clients engaged us after being in their new home for a year. The French Country style home, which was built roughly in 2000, had finishes and fixtures that the clients wanted to […]

Platemark Best

Back by popular demand, here’s our roundup of eight superlatives. Call them our favorite things or our go-to brands. When you seek the best, you get what you pay for and you won’t be disappointed.

I get to dream up a lot of fun creations from project to project. I keep an informal list of all the fun things I’d love to do in a space. Of course not every project finds it appropriate or maybe they just end up on the cutting room floor due to circumstances like time or […]

Platemark Interior Design Commonwealth Vendome 02

Yes, you read that correctly. I love making the bed. It brings a certain calmness and order to the impending randomness we face each day. For me, the benefit is two-fold (ha!): Transform a quotidian task into a styling exercise and reaping the night-time reward of diving into a cloud of warm, fluffy bedding. Well you might ask […]