Luxury Cushions for your Tush

Let’s face it, regular ‘ole foam cushions are basic. And admittedly it’s my job to shed light on things you never knew you needed until I tell you so.

But if you suffer from back pain, have trouble getting out of your seat or have mild to severe OCD, you can stop reading. Foam cushions are probably for you, and I recommend them with all of my heart.

Sink In

I consider sofas, aside from the utilitarian aspect of sitting for comfort and conversation, sculptural and beautiful, all fluffed, plump and waiting. I suppose that’s why no one wants to mess them up. Like a perfect cheese plate or a freshly iced cake. But the best part is the re-fluff, I get a certain satisfaction of seeing a flattened, tousled sofa come back to life over and over.

“It’s High Maintenance”

Well,  yes, but so am I, and if you’re reading, probably so are you, just a little. And I’d much rather dive head-first into this mountain embankment of duck feathers than fall flat on a piece of stiff poly-something.

How It’s Made

There’s generally three types of cushions, beyond the standard foam, which is often wrapped in dacron or more foam. And the amount of sinking and support depends on the firmness of the cushion core and the percentage of down and feathers and their varying amounts and qualities.

100% Down/Feather

This is the ultimate luxury in cushioning and not for the faint of heart if you find yourself bothered by the fluff regimen. Providing baffles on down & feather filled seat cushions maintains the plump, high crown with a minimum of fluffing. Filled with down & feather mixes. The down itself is categorized into qualities of fill power and warmth, but for the purposes of a cushion’s use, insulation is not quite a requirement.

Spring Down

I love these cushions because you can attain the loft of a down/feather seat, but still have a hidden core that auto-fluffs back. This is a seat cushion containing a Marshall spring unit and wrapped in an envelope of down & feather. The envelope contains baffles to eliminate fill shifting. In this case, the envelope can be filled with your choice of down & feather mixes.

Down Wrapped Foam or Duvet


Similar to the Spring Down, the foam, which can be varying levels of firmness, acts as a stablizer and gently repositions the down/feather envelope after re-use. Slightly less effective than the spring, this is a very luxurious option for sets for maintaining a firm, rounded crown.

Dacron Wrapped Foam

This is the standard option for maximum firmness and minimal fluffing.

Keeping this one short and sweet, ladies and gentleman. Enjoy!

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