Video Killed the Radio Star

Platemark Interior Design Custom Desk In Progress

And customization is killing the luxury mass production stars.

Is an $8K purse really luxury? Really? Is it even made out of leather? Are they completely hand-stitched? Is the hardware and buckles one of a kind? Can you have a say in the dimensions or how long the strap will be? What if you wanted it in a very particular color?

I say you might be buying it for everyone who sees it on your shoulder, but not for yourself. Why else would there be a (mass) market for counterfeits?

Luxury, made just for you, is for your enjoyment especially when no one is watching.

Micro production is our wheelhouse and it’s your future. By definition, most of our clients’ creations are dreamed up in our studio – in part or from scratch – then highly customized by our network of local artisans. I oversee fabrication long after pen goes to paper, and I tweak the details over several iterations. After all, it’s my eye, advice and judgement that clients want.

So for those who want mass market, I say go somewhere else (if you ever find us in the first place!).

I’m sure it’ll be just a few clicks away: Arriving in two days, be tossed in two years, and I’ll have the added benefit of knowing it was never something I dreamed up.

Platemark Interior Design Custom Mahogany Dining Table With Brass Accents

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