Just Bought a Fixer-Upper? Feeling Lost?

We understand.  We get lots of calls from homeowners eager for us to solve this very problem. It’s overwhelming, but we’re going to break it down into some simple steps to guide you on your way.… [ Continue Reading ]

Why I Dread Styling

You might be thinking, “What?! You design interiors for a living, how can you dislike styling?”

Generally, I don’t care for anything that comes off as forced or deliberate.… [ Continue Reading ]

You haven’t redecorated in HOW many years??

Think it might be time to freshen things up a bit? Put less delicately, if you haven’t managed to toss to the curb your console television from 1977 or still clinging to your spider plant jungle, it could be time.… [ Continue Reading ]

Our Popular Kitchen Breakfast Nook

This picture has become one of our most popular photos to date. It’s often featured in many blog entries and added to over 24,000 ideabooks on Houzz.… [ Continue Reading ]

Picture Perfect Renderings Bring to Life our Interior Design Projects

Clients can’t visualize the way I can.

There it is, that’s the gist of what I offer to the world.… [ Continue Reading ]

Why are we named Platemark?

We get this question a lot. It’s a long (but compelling) story.

Rewind back to 1999; the internet of things was new, fresh and somewhat like the Wild West of e-commerce.… [ Continue Reading ]