May Day Mood Board – Swan Boats, Boston Public Garden

Everything seems to fall into place when the swans and the swan boats are back and it’s warm enough to enjoy a day in the Public Garden. The late expressionist painter Jason Berger, who hailed from the Boston area, celebrates the joy of lovely weather in his painting Swan Boats, Boston Public Garden, and we imagine a room around it – perhaps a sun porch in town or a living area at a vacation home – with an uplifting vibe of layered, breeziness, purple hues and playful fabrics and textures.

Mood Board inspired by Swan Boats, Boston Public Garden

Mood board inspired by Jason Berger’s painting, Swan Boats, Boston Public Garden.
Painting by Jason Berger at center, available through Childs Gallery
  1. Lux Lana fabric in Lilac by Savel
  2. Mariachi braided trim in Conchineal by Samuel & Sons
  3. Medley sheer in Sunset by Weitzner
  4. Serenissma printed linen in Seafoam by Madeaux
  5. Union II sheer in Color 230 by Creation Baumann
  6. Inca tassel fringe trim in Creme by Samuel & Sons
  7. Belle Pelle leather in Grape by Jerry Pair
  8. Santa Cruz faux leather in Lisa by Innovations
  9. Croco Loco Pequeno leather in White/Black by Edelman
  10. Orfeo embroidered fabric in Galet by Pierre Frey
  11. Pebble Weave rug in Amethyst by Elizabeth Eakins
  12. Tuscany linen in Bilberry by Sanderson
  13. Aimee indoor/outdoor fabric in Pool by Clarence House

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