TV Sets – Interior Design Inspo from Television Shows

Alexis Carrington overlooking the foyer from the grand stairway where she's draped a fur coat over the handrail.

A common conversation at Platemark starts like this, “I watched [hot new TV show] last night, and the interior of so-and-so’s home was amazing!”

Movies and TV shows are huge sources of inspiration for us, especially when whatever we’re watching is a period time capsule of interior design. Below are a few shows that still know a thing or two, design wise.

Thank you, set designers of the sixties, seventies and eighties for still captivating us.

The Living Room Bar for Easy Access

Every home needs a dedicated cocktail area — even if it’s a short stumble away from the kitchen.

Maude TV Show
Maude, 1972 – 1978

That enterprising and tranquilizing! Mix drinks where you lounge.


Living room with an awning over the bar
Charlie’s Angels, 1976 – 1981

Detectives who don’t settle for underemployment don’t settle for a living room bar without an awning.

Make Dramatic Entrances, No Matter What the Circumstances

Alexis Carrington looking down from the stairway where she's draped a fur coat over the handrail
Dynasty, 1981 – 1989

Being empowered and glamorous isn’t only for the young. And in a pickle, a handrail can double as fur storage.

Comfort and Elegance Meet in the Gentleman Cave (or Lady Lounge)

Batman and Robin as their counterparts, Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson, at home in the Bat Cave, replete with animal heads and a gentleman vibe.
Batman,1966 – 1968

Neon beer signs, begone! Every caped crusader needs to retreat to the hunting lodge aesthetic — it’s transformative.


Jeannie in her bottle that's decked out with a divan and lots of throw pillows.
I Dream of Jeannie, 1965 – 1970

If you’re feeling trapped by the patriarchy, do it in style. And with lots of pillows.

Rooms Can Bring You Together — Or Not

What a difference a decade makes!

Mary Richards entertaining friends in her apartment's sunken living room.
The Mary Tyler Moore Show, 1970 – 1977

Having a place to entertain friends is important. An independent woman with a sunken living room is like a big hug for hosting your peeps.


The Carringtons's enormouse dining room table helps family and friends maintain ample personal space.
Dynasty, 1981 – 1989

However, tense family situations can be avoided when you have your own space. When in doubt, just add more leaves to that table!

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