No room is completely styled without an essential symphony of pillows. It’s a key opportunity to pull together all the colors and textures that the furnishings, curtains and wall color are built upon. Except it’s hard to get right and of course it brings out our inner OCD. The Basics Starting from scratch, I find that the perfect formula […]

We’re so impatient. Trust me, I’m the worst in that regard. Though ironically I’m perfectly suited for this job because I aim my shepherding powers directly at the vendors, service providers and manufacturers I work with on behalf of clients. There’s a reason everything takes so long and I’m going to tell you why, in painful detail. […]

Clients can’t visualize the way I can. There it is, that’s the gist of what I offer to the world. That and eliminating the burden of choice (but that’s another topic I’ll cover). I myself have a difficult time reading my own (necessary) two dimensional floor plans and elevations!  The design process is lengthy and involves pulling […]