You haven’t redecorated in HOW many years??

Think it might be time to freshen things up a bit? Put less delicately, if you haven’t managed to toss to the curb your console television from 1977 or still clinging to your spider plant jungle, it could be time.

Maybe time to (re)decorate?

I know, we all get stuck in a rut. If you’re even mildly a design enthusiast, you likely spend time browsing through Pinterest or Houzz or flip through shelter magazines at all the beautifully decorated homes.

Maybe then you pause,  look up from your magazine and around the room and say,

“I hate my house.”

“The lighting in here is terrible.”

“Why did I buy that oversized sofa in taupe?”

“What is taupe?”

“Why am I talking to myself?”

You are not alone. We all get used to our surroundings. We feel safe to nest and surround ourselves with the familiar and warm and cozy. And why disrupt that?

“Isn’t that what we all want? A departure from the past? A door to a new world?”

But years will pass and that functional furniture will still be functional. You’ll cling to the dining set from the first apartment after you got married. You’ll inherit Aunt Esther’s black patent leather easy chair recliner with chrome button tufting — and not have the heart to toss it.

The irony is: the more your hold on/keep/save, the less you enjoy it.

That what makes us so attached to the security of our domain is precisely what prevents some of us from enhancing it.

So, sometimes it takes an expert opinion (can you guess whose?) to open your eyes to change.

Why do we Decorate?

This is why: to celebrate. Life really is a banquet,  just as a sublimely flattering dress or perfectly tailored suit or exquisitely crafted heels celebrate our self-confidence, boost our self-image and our spirits, same applies to our surroundings.

And most importantly: we celebrate sharing our beautiful life with friends and loved ones alike.

Our client experiences are magical. Every project is a door to a new world. A fresh and functional chef’s kitchen, a colorful living space positioned for joyous conversations and entertaining or simply a calming, luxurious bedroom retreat.

Isn’t that what we all want? A departure from the past? A door to a new world? And when we walk through it, everything changes. We witness it first-hand — the day arrives after months of creative and logistical work, then converge for the “reveal”.

So appropriate that we use the word reveal, because we do find it so spiritually revealing, too.

Can You Imagine Living Here?

Close your eyes and imagine it. With a little help from the realistic renderings that we create for clients on presentation day, it’s rarely difficult not to want to jump in.


Can You Imagine Living Here?

I’ve been there, entering a spectacular space for the first time, looking around in awe, noticing how every detail was attended to, and saying it out loud.

Fear of Change?

Here are some common reasons … with plausible solutions.

Uncomfortable giving up control? With your input, we give you options.

Mired with uncertainty? We present a complete, inspiring vision. And we have a well-documented design and project management process, with clear, simple steps and timetables.

Hate surprise parties? Don’t worry, we sprinkle hints of what might be coming and  seek your input.

Afraid of opening Pandora’s box? Not every project involves executing the full vision all at once, often for this reason.  In some cases, we go room to room, with original design in hand as the guidebook. We consider all the affected details, however distant, and work with you to minimize disruption.

No Time?

This is not an excuse if you hire us. We can design and install the most fabulous space of your dreams with less than eight hours of your committed time over the course of a project, often less.

Too Many Choices?

Our brilliance is in the ability to quickly weed and edit down from infinite possibilities.

Children and/or Pets Ruin Everything?

What else is new? We align to our client’s wishes, not to ours. We translate your input to a home that is beautiful and practical.

Ever hear of indoor/outdoor fabrics? Well, they’re amazing these days and clean up is a snap. We build durability controls into all our projects without sacrificing comfort or aesthetics.

Just Not Good at It?

Well, duh, we are — really good at it.

Nobody has Told You?

They’re being polite. And plus it’s not really for others to decide. I have a blog post I’ll be dedicating to this, and I can’t wait.

Everyone Keeps Telling You?

Time to perk up and value their honesty. But in moderation. Given the opportunity, some friends and family will have an opinion on every topic in your home.

Where to Begin?

With us. Let’s begin something beautiful.

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One thought on “You haven’t redecorated in HOW many years??

  1. Everyone have their own comfort zone but adding something new to life opens new perspectives. I liked the line stated in your post – “The irony is: the more your hold on/keep/save, the less you enjoy it.” We all have one life and in order to enjoy it to the fullest we should explore more and more. When it comes to home décor there are huge possibilities and an interior designer can bring a great change in your home living. It’s not always necessary that you have to get rid of all old furniture but adding new things in trend matching your style can make you feel much better in your home. With some beautiful wooden furniture additions, colour choices in walls and curtains, home décor items in your home etc you will love your home more than before. It’s time to make your home your dream home.

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