Picture Perfect Renderings Bring to Life our Interior Design Projects

Clients can’t visualize the way I can.

There it is, that’s the gist of what I offer to the world. That and eliminating the burden of choice (but that’s another topic I’ll cover). I myself have a difficult time reading my own (necessary) two dimensional floor plans and elevations! 

The design process is lengthy and involves pulling together many elements – many of which dance around in my imagination, consciousness and unconsciousness. In fact, my dreams usually brings out my most inspired ideas.

Come presentation day, we go all out. No stone is left unturned when laying it all out there for the client to see, and that includes the imagery. I call it the crystal ball because it leaves, with no shred of doubt, what we imagine a space will be.

The pictures are often so powerful, that when a project is complete and we look back at the renderings, we’re often asked if they were illustrated as built.

I regularly have contractors, tradespeople and fabricators ask me for copies so they can better understand, with traditional drawings, our design intent.

I do them all myself.

Should I repeat that? I revel at an artist’s ability to hand-render pencil or marker to paper. I can’t do that, I try, but I’m more comfortable and confident with the mouse. Either way, they’re mine and everyone who receives them gets the most of my creative spirit.

And by putting in the effort during the design phase, it ensures we see gain perspective as early in the process as possible to make adjustments. Though, it’s quite rare, after clients see the images, that we want a single thing to change!

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