The Best Designers in the World have the best Clients in the World

Best of Boston 2018

In light of my recent recognition for Best of Boston Contemporary Interior Design from Boston Magazine, it got me thinking. 🤔 It seems every other month that a publication drums up a list of the Best Designers in the World or some arbitrarily drawn line around a region. People love lists and superlatives, dating way back to high school yearbook’s Most Likely to Succeed or Best Looking (is that even allowed nowadays?).

Don’t get me wrong, I adore the recognition, but the publications are missing the juice: The best designers in the world have the best clients in the world.

It’s an exciting prospect to create living art and to open a door to a new world. The best clients join in with enthusiasm and create the most fabulous outcomes possible.

Pushing to the fringe is where all the good stuff happens. A space is not defined by an individual material or detail but by the sum of all parts. Being brave and open-minded lets the design explore all possibilities and reach beyond the ordinary.

In the end, it’s always beautiful. The most outstanding projects imaginable are a result of genuine trust.

How it’s worn is just as important as how it looks. Self-confidence is the most beautiful trait.

Design for self-enjoyment is just the beginning. The true beauty of a space is realized through generously sharing it with friends and loved ones.

You don’t know what you don’t know if you don’t already know it. Which makes education at least 25% of my job. The time, effort and labor that goes into finely-crafted furnishings and architectural detailing cannot be acquired with a click or tap. It can only be circumvented.

Because of this, the best clients in the world are above all patient.

Thanks to all the clients who make us the best designers in the world.


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