May 13, 2018 platemark

Fear is the Latest Trend

Fear is the power that fuels inertia. Should I put that on a bumper sticker?

Fear of making (costly) mistakes or paying too much (whatever that means), fear of being judged, not fitting in, or ridiculed or losing one’s status.

I read somewhere that the all-white room is a byproduct of fear. In my opinion, it’s why real estate folks instruct sellers to stage their home conservatively in a frightfully neutral palette: Because what they fear is not fulfilling on the promise to sell the home. And so the fear spreads, to the homeowner, the buyer, then to the masses.

Furniture and home décor enterprises have been built on this.

Trends are also a consequence of fear. When I’m asked a leading question about trends, I always answer, “Fear is the latest trend. Better get on board soon!”

But it’s at the fringes where all good stuff happens. Let’s go.

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