Does your Home Match (where you are in) your Life?


I bet your wardrobe does.

Or your car, your wrist watch or even your boat.

I suppose we all know someone who still lives like they’re just out of college (or godforbid still in!). Settling for the 80’s kitchen that’s still unrenovated because they’ll get to it eventually or can’t manage, with busy work schedules, a project like that. Years of incremental furniture purchases amount to a collage of disconnected, ordinary rooms.

And you can’t quite go to work and not dress for success, can you? Unless you work in a tech startup. But if you’re perched up in a corner office, anyone can spot a cheap suit. So you don’t wear one, and you probably enjoy that. You might wear the right shoes and drop your kids off in a luxury car, too.


What about your home?

Do you hesitate to invite people over? Would you invite over a client, your boss, entertain the members of the board you sit on or the committee you chair? If so, what would they be thinking on the ride home?

“I can’t believe they live there”

.. can be interpreted in two very different ways.

What impression are you trying to make?


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