A Thoughtful Job Posting

Platemark Office 45 Newbury Street Boston

Platemark has a job opening for a studio assistant. Here are the qualities and qualifications that best align with the position. Does it sound like you or someone you know?


Show up early. Clients hire us in exchange for saving them precious time. Falling short of fulfilling this promise is offensive.


On practicing phone etiquette: with a smile on your voice.

On greeting clients, trade partners or service providers: with a smile on your face and a firm handshake.

On speaking up: here.

On excellence: you can anticipate the needs of others before they do.

On patience: impatience is okay.

Technical and Being in the Zone

Your drafting skills are desired but not a deal-breaker. You can be taught to read drawings by asking many questions.

You can focus for long periods of time on tasks and set and meet reasonable deadlines.

You can prioritize and reprioritize at the drop of a hat.

You must proofread.

You take copious notes, document every detail and zealously take pictures to aid in the gathering and retrieval of information. We conduct business in a highly visual world.

You are tech savvy

We have systems in place for: organizing images and notes of all kinds, organizing tasks and project plans, sourcing products, requesting quotations, entering orders and fulfilling promises. The key to a successful project outcome relies heavily on our ability to access this information instantly from anywhere.

Our office is very technology forward. This includes customary word processing, spreadsheet, image/site pinning or graphic-based programs but also with a deep and adaptable attitude toward technology on the desktops and smartphones alike. It’s all connected and you must be comfortable with that.


To an extent, taste can be taught and in this industry’s case, bought.

This role requires a natural understanding and appreciation for color harmony, scale and proportion, lighting, natural materials, woods and metals, textiles and the home furnishings market. We’re looking for an eye and a willingness to absorb.

Know how to use a tape measure and always carry it with you.

Be a valuable brainstorming resource for social media posts and possess a clever understanding of branding, marketing, sales and publicity.


This is not a job for someone who is afraid to make mistakes. Although the office is thoroughly organized with processes in place to conduct projects seamlessly, a culture of hesitation, reluctance, or fear of failure is not tolerated.

Everything we work on is important, and we are always working on something that might not work, except in our approach to resolving deficiencies.


Platemark is very, very serious about delivering consistently exquisite design solutions to clients. We are not driven by institutional educational conformance to industry accreditation, exams, affiliations, credits, etc. Those are not the boxes we aim to check. Not in the traditional sense, at least.

A four-year degree is lovely; however, if your education involves running a theater production or working for any creative business such as event planning, dramatic arts, graphic arts or on the sell-side in the design industry – call us immediately, you probably get us.

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